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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rebel without a cause takes a pause to find the cause...

Dedicated to blue whale,captain ( a.k.a manager) , Mr.P, Changu and Mangu.People who know I'm planning to travel a lot in these
6 days.

Why do you like it? Why do you want to do it? Do you know enough of it to claim that you want/like it? Are you licensed
to say that you absolutely loved the piece of work even if you just remember its flavor and not its ingredients?The aim was to
extract the nectar.We both enjoyed the 'process' of extraction and relished the sweetness.But I didnt bother to find out which flower
it was? when does it usually bloom? about the pollen grains,stem,leaves blah blah...why? Knowing the ingredients matters.It showcases
that your love for the matter made you take the pains to know about it.I wish the flavor be the only thing that matters.But then if
wishes were horses,beggars would ride.I wish the answers to all the questions mentioned above was simply " I just like it.thats it."

Phaedrus : what do you think of me?
Me: I don't think of you at all.

Curiosity.Newton trying to find out why/how the apple fell? understandable since it solved many questions that zoomed around and later
followed.You receive message on your mobile phone and the peeping Tom beside you gets excited and peeps in to see who is the sender.not
understandable.what did Tom gain out of it? sometimes Tom even wants to find out what the message consists of.Why?? Why this curiosity?
The public has an insatiable curiosity to know everything except what is worth knowing.Curiosity killed the cat.I just wish the cat died

The unknown seems to scare people more than the known.Where does this zeal and enthusiasm ...the so called "curiosity to know the unsaid
and the unknown" vanish in such cases? why does not knowing cause only negative structure of thoughts?Is it because it is always easier
to figure out the wrong than think about the right? we always seem to figure out the right way to do the wrong thing and the wrong way
to do the right thing.The known is more scary.It is limited,has a shape,has boundaries.Agreed provides peace and stability but sometimes
not being able to change it worsens matters for the incorrigible dreamers.The unknown is disfigured,no form,no shape.You can't bottle it up.
You can't cage it.The unknown is exciting.take the plunge.channelise curiosity in a sensible manner.

Yes,winning is important.But so is choosing the right many of us choose the right ones?I see the picture of Dorian Gray changing.
He is being punished because he tried to see himself from a borrowed sight of Lord Henry's.Beauty is important.I finally agree now.I tried
so long to fight it but how can you provide an interpretation of something that society claims to be a fact.But I want to stop the change.
Escaping provides temporary pleasure.Dealing with it provides pleasure everlasting.Although that shouldn't stop you from travelling.Not all
who travel want to escape.Sometimes travelling is a form of looking the monster in the eye.

They say find the key.find the key to unlock.I ask have you forgotten that the key can lock the lock too??

Addressed to Changu/mangu : At the hub, the milch cow did oodles of moo moo and how it was aleady to be belled in a famous tabela.Cow was
flabbergasted when it came to know what the wild horse was upto.Untamed and unbridled it possible?? it questioned.The wild horse simply
said "watch me."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Your Kingdom come,thy will be done on earth as in heaven...

This article is dedicated to the mutterings of some agitated minds questioning the existence of difference in the way our elected public servants are treated.An attempt to mollify and sort the ripples caused by some pebbles…..

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

The world is simply divided into two classes – those who believe the incredible, like the public and those who do the improbable (expected out of the people elected to power).People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. There has always been this constant need to find a Hero , a knight in shinning armour to rescue the plebeians from distress. What is past is prologue!! Hercules riding Pegasus has been replaced by our beloved ‘pratinidhi’ in a Mercedes. Ya ,so the knight refuses to gallop around rescuing people in the prevailing extreme weather conditions everywhere now. Have some mercy!! With great power comes great responsibilities and greater privileges( if I may dare say so) So the modern knight has been bestowed with these privileges by the people around and he wishes to make use of it. Now can you blame Eve for eating the very tempting apple (a privilege in case she was living on roots and shoots )??The world has been made by fools so that the wise men should live in it. Power has consumed the space and wisdom just about adjusts withering in a corner in this kingdom of humans.But maybe I am being unreasonable.

To exercise power,you need to make your presence felt.Back in the golden days, you had people making way for the chariots of king and showered flowers.Maybe it was their way of expressing gratitude and love for their representative.Now the flowers are gone and have been replaced with annoyance but the comman man still has to make way for their ‘very fairly chosen one in an equally fair, transparent election process’. The difference is in the way the presence is being made felt to recognize and broadcast authority.The king has to sit on the thrown to gain the initial respect( later his execution of work matters) of his follower.He is not “one of them” and hence he has been crowned.It’s the people who want their “hero” to live a particular lifestyle and carry himself in a certain dainty manner so that they can continue living normally.The mark of difference is the mark of normalcy. It’s no longer about being fair or just. The imbalance is the perfect balance.Try explaining people planning to visit Madame Tussauds museum to get themselves clicked with the waxed caricature of their demigods?? Power can only be achieved with the help of others.But maybe I am being unreasonable.

Does the identity of the commoner really matter? Silly question because it has never mattered.Chitrangada Singh was upset and so where the newspapers that her voter’s card had her gender as male inscribed on it.Mine had Mr.Desholeena Chatterjee , 31 years ( I am Miss.Deboleena Chatterjee , 21 yrs in my daily life) . The only exception is my plight never made it to the news.Although sympathies ending with evil maniacal laugh by my beloved ones still continues.This harsh stealing of my identity didn’t cause an impediment to my determination to exercise my vote.As I wanted to flaunt the temporary indelible ink mark , I insisted Dad and Mom to treat me with a yummy Masala Dosa.When we reached the place, my eyes automatically started eyeing the middle fingers of the people around for a similar mark.None had it.I was expected too much.There I go being unreasonable again.

A man who moralizes is usually a hypocrite. To propel a change ,everyone must feel the prick of an imbalance soo prevalent around.We have men wasting their lives, “talking to hear themselves talk”;capable sometimes of fine conceptions and of occasional fine phrases but incapable of the punishing toil of execution;fated in the long run to misery and destitution.I am reminded of a marvelous fine by my newly found old friend Shakespeare which summed up his impeachment of the world and his own justification;the only justification of any of us mortals :

“ A man more sinned against than sinning.”

Not all of us are agitated.Most of us are happy with the present pattern of things or maybe they just have given up hope.A sip of tea won’t wake up people who have labeled tea as a medium of pleasure.But I notice the presence of some birds who cannot be caged because their feathers are just too bright.Hope is supposed to be a good thing and good things never die.I hope these birds multiply with time.But then maybe I am being unreasonable again.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Et Tu Brutus? Then fall Caesar.

If the aftermath of a speech stirs an impact that becomes the content of yet another speech in future,then it can be safely termed to be a memorable one.Such speeches have no barriers of words,language or of the common tongue as the speaker rises higher than the parameters of a mortal man.

Brutus’s speech at Caesar’s funeral though overshadowed by Mark Antony’s parlance is absolutely marvelous and sadly underrated.When you commit a crime and start with an appeal to reason and order,there is a tincture of guilt that goes against what you think and what you say.Brutus’s speech lacked that guilt ending on an almost indignant note, and playing on the Roman people's regard for their civic freedoms.Maybe that’s why they say “you are not a thief until and unless you are caught “.He brilliantly praised Caesar for the person he was and at the same time justified why the cessation of his( Caesar) breaths was beneficial for his countrymen.His speech evolved around the (in)famous word “ambitious” which served its purpose to the core…that is to “damage”.It not only damaged Caesar’s reputation in the minds of his beloved Romans but was the only flaw in Brutus’s speech.With blood stains on your robes,you defend yourself under the pretext of a lover of humans?? Oh Brutus, you are heartless but I do not blame thee...For the people around chose what they wanted to see.

It is easy to make people think but very difficult to make them re-think and convince them that what they thought and believed for so long was a twisted interpretation and not a fact.Brutus did it but it was a Herculean task for Mark Antony to reiterate a reiteration!!
Mark Antony said much more than he meant and meant much more than he said.His speech was encompassed with rhetorical devices and the most deadly and ironical combination of sarcasm and euphemism.He unlike Brutus never praised Caesar rather he projected his decisions to be foolish for somebody who was crowned as an ambitious man.He never mentions the conspirators of Caesar’s death to be traitors but changes the very definition of “honourable” by changing its undertone and usage.But the word here served its purpose..that is damage again.He touched the central spot of Brutus’s speech ( “ambitious”) and crumbled the entire structure of thoughts in the minds of Romans into a worthless heap.One man’s food is another man’s poison!!He cites examples of how Caesar refused the crown thrice and how his heart bled when his countrymen suffered.Each time questioning the authenticity of the personification used by Brutus to address Caesar.
The speech of Antony served its purpose.It sowed the seeds of thoughts in the minds of the Romans,it created a turmoil in their hearts,it led to corporeal anguish but it also did what “memorable” speeches do….it never channelised and never gave a direction.It answered what,why,who etc…but never How?? It led to the death of Cinna,a poet who was mistaken as Cinna,one of the conspirators of Caesar’s death.Death of an innocent man!! I question you Antony….Don’t you have blood stains on your robes too? Are you not guilty of murder too? Claiming to be loyal to Caesar…you are the cause of one of his beloved ones ( assuming Caesar loved his countrymen as you say).To me you are no better than Brutus for you chose to show people what they didn’t want to see and when they saw it through your eyes..they were blinded!!!

O judgement,thou are fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason !

It’s amusing to spill poison about people who claimed to be righteous with my pen,
Rome was indeed full of ‘honourable’ men !!