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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Realization of a pending Reconcilation

Disclaimer - Technology is not the only topic which even if understood finds serious dearth in explanation. Some time those dearest to us cause us to falter and fail in the art of describing them.

Sipping on a brew that has always had been subjected to a strong resistance so habitually, caused a smirk and a twitch of an eyebrow on the table across. The faint colors of abrupt change that had struggled to find acceptance in the white, spiral box slowly summoned a need for justification. Avoidance was no solution as thousands of memories were exchanged in a few milliseconds between four fixated sights.  Language silenced herself without a struggle and communication floated even without a common thread.

Phaedrus tried hard not to bait an eyelid fearing what has been found after months would be lost without an answer. A fertile ground for a plethora of thoughts and expressions it had been for a mind of a once restless 21yr old. When so much is being felt, said and drained out of the system, then why is language suddenly the biggest hurdle?  Why isn’t convoluted beautiful anymore? Why the sudden urge to deconstruct to be understood by a lot more? Do they really understand what they have apparently understood? A barrage of questions makes the environment uncomfortable.

Why is the mind so oblivious to worrying issues that daily stare at our faces? Contentment just makes the smile so broad that the eyes tend to become small thus losing sight. Discontent causes a frown that just makes the eyes bigger that if not help in seeing at least help in knowing. Earlier raw emotions found solace behind locked doors and a familiar roof.  With so many and so much around now, even the churning of raw is first filtered within.

The gladiator regrets the healing of wounds and scars that once marked several victorious and brave struggles. The scars would have always reminded him (impressions of a well known narrative) of his undefeatable spirit. With the healing now, memories no longer seem reliable and highly susceptible to alterations. Having made peace with situations and people, the battle ground is no longer his serious work place. Inflicting pain that leaves scars and thereby creating a heroic faith in thyself seems the remedy to survive of what is left of life.

Drifting away from the dream, reality allotted or chosen seems like a foolish hope which has longevity for everything unhappy. How do we justify wanting the same that thousands do and claim to be good at? A failed reasoning may cause a delayed chance for at least a trial.
Thy joy has travelled too far to match up with the slow pace of another’s joy.  Thy joy is unbridled with the spirit of a phoenix but blinded like a bat to the universe around. Place over people seems to be the inner call of the day.

Phaedrus, not everything broken can be restored even promises. At least speech wasn’t a deterrent anymore. Did you never give up searching or did the search for you never stop? Although not a leaf has moved outside the window after this conversation, what caused it was something that moved inside.


  1. Thank you Wise Monkey! anything specific that you enjoyed? just trying to dig in more details about what appealed to you.

  2. On a broader spectrum, I enjoy your word play.

  3. thank you. I might just put an end to this blog now. I no longer feel like the 21 yr old kid that I was.